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Easiest Way For Students And Teenagers To Earn Money Through Surveys

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 Hey guys, Today we would like to introduce you to some legit survey applications and forums that even students and teenagers can use to earn legit money. Our team has checked and verified every single one of these applications because we want to bring you guys the best the internet has to offer. The covid pandemic has brought a lot of opportunities in remote working environments. Online surveys are one of the easiest ways to earn money online. 

At present, It has become important for companies to conduct surveys to understand consumer trends and these companies range from multi-national corporations to small local firms. These companies or firms are looking to understand modern consumer trends and problems. Hence it is important while taking surveys to provide true and open-minded answers to survey questions. Surveys are brought to us based on how good we perform them.

Patience is also an important key in performing good surveys and earning money. Not all surveys will be available to us, It will be based on our location as well as our previous performances. Sometimes there will not be any surveys available for days. So it is important to complete surveys properly whenever they are available.

Here are some surveys options that we could use to earn money:


Attapoll is an app that is available in the play store that connects you with a wide range of companies and organisations that are looking for consumer views and opinions. By taking part in these surveys you will be able to help companies or organisations develop new products or services.

They also provide an option for us to control what kind of surveys we receive as well as their length. A normal survey can range from 1 or 2 mins to over an hour. Hence this option is really helpful. Their payment thresholds are also low so we can cash out using Paypal quickly. The minimum payout rate is only $3.

Download Attapoll

2)Swagbucks Web

Swagbucks is a website that provides us with surveys and offers from around the world. It is a rewards website. You can earn points by doing things you like searching the web, shopping, playing games, watching videos etc. Each time you complete an activity you earn points. Each point is worth about 1 penny, so 100 Swagbucks is equal to $1.

Visit Swagbucks

3)Swagbucks Answer

An app from Swagbucks that allows us to take surveys from our android phone itself. It is easy to use and also has easy to redeem gift cards from Amazon to Walmart to Target. We can also redeem our cash via Paypal too. It is available in the play store and has over a million downloads.
Download SB Answer


Remotasks is a legit crowdsourcing platform for those who want to work remotely and earn a consistent income from home. Remotasks is highly professional. They always make payments on time. Remotasks is a flexible work from a home platform that connects workers to image annotation and labelling tasks that help advance frontier technologies. Tasks on remotasks platform help accelerate the development of AI applications. Take an exam, do a task, get paid!
Visit Remotasks

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