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Ssniperwolf doxes Jacksfilms and Youtube is not doing anything?Let's discuss

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YouTube is currently facing a lot of criticism regarding the Sssniperwolf doxing Jacksfilims incident.
On 14th October, Ssniperwolf went to Jacksfilm's home and publicly shared a picture of his home on her Instagram story which has around 5 million followers. This happened while Jacksfilms was live streaming, his horror of seeing his private home shared with millions was captured by his followers and has been shared across various social media platforms. This action by Sssniperwolf has not only put him but his family in danger as well. His wife has called out YouTube on Twitter currently X regarding the incident, to which the YouTube team replied that they are looking into it.

While this incident happened outside the platform, this incident is a clear violation of YouTube's Creator Responsibility Policy which is a policy that describes how a content creator should behave and how a content creator will be demonetized or his/her account removed to protect the Youtube Community. Hence, people have requested the YouTube team to take necessary action like account removal or demonstration for Ssniperwolf. Many creators have been removed or demonetized due to violations of this policy in the past.

The criticisms started arising when the YouTube team seemed to be not taking any form of action against Sssniperwolf and has continued to support her. Moreover, many creators have come forward criticising YouTube and many have noticed that their videos supporting Jacksfilms have been age-restricted which affects its reach and affects views and interaction. 

The "war" between Sssniperwolf and Jacksfilms started long ago when Jack started criticizing Sssniperwolf for coping content and not creating anything original. This escalated when Jack created a channel specifically for reacting to Sssniperwolf's reaction videos.

At the time of writing this article, no new updates have been released from the YouTube team, People are hoping that Sssniperwolf will face some repercussions for her actions.

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