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Whatsapp or Signal or Telegram ?

WhatsApp has been facing a lot of heat since it rolled out the latest Privacy Policy updates. The Facebook-owned company has been back lashed b…

11 Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps For Android

In this article, I am going to list some  best Wi-Fi hacking apps for android . You can test these Wi-Fi hacking apps on your own Wi-Fi network.…

Gmail Hacking Methods and its prevention techniques

Hacking a Gmail address is very convenient if you lose your account password. It's also a good way to test your account's security…

How to remove a hacker from your smartphone?

How to Protect Your Phone from Being Hacked Phone hacking can compromise your identity and privacy without you even knowing. Fraudsters …

SQL Inject a Site using SQLMap

It is so hard to keep ourselves safe while we are on the Internet. And If you own a website, then you must give most of your time to its sec…

Android Meterpreter(beta)

©Jace Joji, [20.01.21 06:41]   The android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp payload is a Java-based Meterpreter that can be used on an Android device. It is…
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